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lWall Mounted spice  Cabinetss - made to your specifications

Display & Storage Solutions

Wall mounted spice cabinets

Various sized displays with variable shelf locations

Design by ZIPcabs gives you choices


Adjustable shelf display cabinets -.
"You do the ZIP" Move
to accommodate
heights of your items
Turn screw to lock in place

Number of shelves can vary
to meet your requirement



Scroll down
to  Gallery
see various size and configurations

Hundreds of sizes possible


 Have us produce a spice cabinet made to your dimensions

large wall mount spice cabinet



Storage Rack
Curio Cabinet Case
Cabinet with Doors


Height: From 14 to 36"
Widths: 12", to 30"
Depths:  3", 4", 5" or 6"

Adjustable Shelves:
From one to twelve            

Please look around our site to see how you can have a ZIPcab configured for your space and display requirements!

Styles  Four basic styles with various options are made to meet individual display and storage requirements

 Standard units are available. These are standard configurations for popular items . Please determine if one meets your needs.

Imagine a cabinet the dimensions you require to display a few spices or a large assortment of spice bottles

While we do have standard configurations for popular items, most of our production is specifically made to our customers specifications.

A unit modified for your Requirements follows the same production process as a standard item.
You can order a unit customized for your items
- without paying a custom price

Cluttered kitchens help no one and instead can be an extreme hazard - when spices are hard to find, and easy to loose track of,
cooking can become a hassle and a chore rather than a fun activity. ZIPcabs can help with that!

We specialize in creating customized spice cabinets and spice racks designed specifically for whatever our customers needs. 

When wall space is all taken, consider a door mounted spice cabinet that easily attaches to the back of the pantry door so that it's
out of sight most of the time, but easy to find when you need something

Here at ZIPcabs, we understand that every house is built differently and each space will never be filled in quite the same way. 
The same spice cabinet won't look the same in every space, which is why we cater to your specific needs.  We want our customers
to be not just satisfied, but ecstatic with the way their cabinets look in their kitchen. 

ZIPcabs gives you choices to customize a spice cabinet, have it configured for your items, and shipped to you from our shop 

The cabinetmakers at ZIPcabs have made it easy to choose from the options offered

Cabinets, Racks and Curio Cases - made to your specifications     206 439 0338           
  8 AM to 9 PM PST -                         

We phone verify all orders

to ensure a perfect fit!  

When in doubt,
just submit a
request with the best information
you have and we will discuss prior
to confirming your order.

Just a few choices, and you will be on your way
 to having a customized display made just for you!

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 collectible display cabinets and curio cases


  Spice display cabinets - wall mounted

Picture gallery

Shown here are samples of the various sized  wall mounted
spice display cabinets that our customers have ordered 






Curio Cabinet Cases


Design Features


Calculate shelf requirements

Concept & Onward


New arrivals

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17" High - 30" Wide  3"deep
Small wood spice cabinet - on the counter or over the stove wall hung
32" High - 30" Wide - 4" deep

larger wall mounted spice cabinet

36" High -30" Wide
4" deep
large oak spice cabinet wall mounted

Medium sized spice cabinet
32" High - 24" Wide - 3" deep
Standard item
Wall mounted Spice cabinet organizer - Tall and narrow
36" High - 18" Wide 3" deep
Standard item
Tall spice cabinet shelves  wall mounted shelf
40" High - 24" Wide 4" deep
Modified to customers

Wall Mounted Spice rack cabinet

27" High - 21" Wide - 3" Deep

Standard item
spice storage cabinet shelves
32" High - 21" Wide
- 3" deep
Modified to customers
Spice cabinet large for spice bottles
27" High - 30" Wide - 4" deep
Modified to customers
Special Price
large wall mount spice cabinet
36" High - 30" Wide
- 3" deep
Standard item


Spice cabinet mounted on the wall
36" High - 27" Wide 3" deep

Standard item
Spice cabinet rack wall mount configured for larger spice bottles
32" High - 24" Wide - 4" deep
Modified to customers

Large spice cabinet - extra deep

36" High - 30" Wide - 5" deep
Modified to customers requirements
Special Price

Wall mounted spice cabinet -
36 High - 24" Wide - 3" deep
Standard item
Large wall mounted spice shelf cabinet on the wall
36" High - 30" Wide 3" deep
Modified to customers
tupperware spice container cabinet wall mounted
36" High - 24" Wide -
5" deep
Modified to customers requirements
Tupperware Containers

Short Wooden Wall Mounted Spice cabinet counter top

16 1/4" High - 21" Wide - 5"deep 
Modified to customers requirements

 Large kitchen Spice cabinet 6" deep
Larger cabinets
36" High - 30" Wide

6" deep
Modified to customers

Display cabinets, curio cases and storage racks are designed for many types of collections   
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Spice cabinets
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Spice display cabinets

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Spice display door mounted

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on on the counter

Spice cabinets with doors



Cups and Mugs
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